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Stress Management

For everyone, stress is part of everyday life. You can have home-to-work-related stress.

But what happens when your stress levels are constant and become overwhelming?

Marriage Counseling of Denver has certified stress management counseling therapists that provide customized plans for your lifestyle and needs.

We provide a stress management treatment to help you relieve your stress over time, allowing you to handle your daily stress easily.

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Stress Affects Your Health Denver CO 80202

Why Choose Stress Management Counseling in Denver?

Occasionally in your daily life, you need to deal with stress and normal. But if you have pressure daily in your personal life, it affects your physical health.

Stress can have negative impacts leading to chronic stress and overwhelming you.

With Denver stress management, you can learn ways to help reduce unwanted stress preventing it from becoming a problem.

With therapy for stress management, therapists help you to recognize all the warning signs of your stress.

You develop stress management coping skills you can use in real life and also take responsibility for all those feelings you have like after partner infidelity.

In turn, it helps you to set reasonable expectations and goals. At the same time, you also take care of your mental health, changing your stress levels.

"I work a very stressful job as I am a Doctor and need to deal with the sources of stress daily. As a doctor, your professional lives are always at risk, and finding a balanced life is not always easy. So I spoke to a stress management therapist at Marriage Counseling Denver to help me deal with my stress."

- Martin Rourke (Denver)

The Importance of Managing Your Stress

When you have signs of stress, your body creates adrenaline and cortisol to give you the boost needed to fight your stress or go into flight mode.

Still, when you have negative stress, like job stress, the impact of stress can be huge.

Your body will continue producing those hormones, and it starts to disrupt all organs.

You can become irritable and accident-prone from extreme stress, have constant headaches, muscle tension, not concentrating, stomach problems, increased blood pressure, and even dizziness.

Stress can lead to self-destructive manners, and you make unhealthful choices that can lead to chronic problems and addictions.

What to Expect From Stress Management Counseling

Stress Management Denver CO 80202

At Marriage Counseling of Denver, we use different types of psychotherapy techniques to learn your stress management skills.

First, you learn to identify your stress triggers to help control your constant stress.

Depending on the source of stress, the stress therapy can also entail cognitive-behavioral treatment to review your:

  • Values
  • Attitudes
  • Thinking

The therapist will help you develop coping techniques to manage your stress. In addition, you might learn some relaxation methods to other stress management techniques so you not driven to any Addiction.

If you feel your stress levels are high and negatively impacting your life, call us today to help manage your stress.

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