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Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Are anxiety and depression taking over your whole life?

Are you finding it difficult to switch off your brain, or do you blank out with conversations?

Do you feel physically exhausted or irritated with everyone?

Are you experiencing grasped jaw, jitters, stomach aches, or uncomfortable sensations?

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Can you not remember how you got to a certain place or feel paralyzed when needing to make decisions?

These are all depression and anxiety symptoms in your everyday life leading to a nervous breakdown and driven to addiction.

The Signs of an Unhealthy Anxiety! 

When life gets hard, it is normal for your stress hormones to get all worked up. But when you get all hyped up or cannot shut down, both are symptoms of unhealthy stress.

Anxiety, to some extent, is good as a healthy amount will make you want to learn harder for the exams or even keep you motivated to complete a project at work. Hence, healthy stress makes you get things done.

Still,  at the same time, too much stress can also cripple you leaving you paralyzed.

"Me and my sister went on vacation together, and we encountered severe weather leading to her death. I started feeling guilt as my hands was cut off,, and dealing with the grief as well. I became very depressed as the physical symptoms took over my life. I finally realized I needed to speak to someone and spoke to anxiety therapists. They helped me come to terms with her deather and that there was nothing I could do to prevent it."

- Charline Gable (Denvor)

Anxiety and Depression Symptoms are Misunderstood

When you suffer from panic attacks, friends and family can misunderstand your bouts of depression. How often have your loved ones told you to relax or take deep breaths?

While doing this is simple, it is not always enough. For some people, anxiety can bring relief, like working from home in the Covid times. The person need not cope with pressure at work or socialize with co-workers.

But on the other hand, other people get the effects of chronic depression followed by fear to worry concerning their economic safety, like during the worldwide pandemic.

The world's circumstances can also affect you regardless of who you are. For example, you may feel tired, emotional, or have more tension in the body and feel like crying, followed by irritability.

No matter what is causing your anxiety, there are links between depression and anxiety. So, if you struggle with anxiety symptoms, therapy for anxiety and depression can help.

Anxiety Counseling Denver CO 80202

Warnings Not to Be Ignored

The signs of anxiety can make your life difficult as it makes you feel suffocated and paralyzed.

At this moment in your life, when you struggle with anxiety, friendships can be unfulfilling and overwhelming.

Whether you have work stress, home problems, or school concerns, these are all reasons for anxiety.

The anxiety becomes overwhelming, and you feel stuck in a vicious circle.

With all the stress, it becomes a crippling anxiety that will lead to depression and eventually make you sick. So, if you have these anxiety disorder symptoms:

  • Cannot fall or stay asleep
  • Get headaches or stomach aches
  • Racing to obsessive thoughts
  • Body spasm with an increased heart rate with continuous worrying
  • Or have difficulty taking deep breaths

We recommend you contact us for anxiety relief today. Your anxiety issues can arise from different origins. We can help you with depression and anxiety treatment NOW.

The Feelings of Anxiety Comes From Different Origins

Anxiety can originate from life incidents, events, your genetics. For example, you may have experienced a hurtful childhood which can lead to anxiety or depression later in life.

The anxiety might have resulted from a traumatic event you experienced, heard, or witnessed that upset you. The experience of anxiety can also be passed down from one generation to another.

Your mom might have experienced trauma during your pregnancy, and the higher stress hormone levels change the stress level of the hormones in your body. So, as you can see, when you experience anxiety, many factors can lead to it.

Let Marriage Counseling of Denver help explore those feelings of anxiety to find the reasons you are feeling anxious or depressed to find relief.

Depression counseling Denver CO 80202

We can Help With Treatments For Depression & Anxiety

With depression and anxiety counseling, we can help you understand what impact it has on your life from:

  • Work
  • School
  • Home
  • To Your Health

We can help you recognize the symptoms of anxiety and depression to help manage them. With our anxiety therapists, you will be able to make your life more manageable.

We make use of teaching in different ways:

  • Calm your body
  • Learn mindfulness
  • Help to regulate your emotions
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

We also provide trauma therapy with value-based approaches and EDMR for depression and anxiety. So get your life back on track. Schedule an appointment with our depression and anxiety counselors in Denver today.

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