Addiction Recovery Counseling Denver

What is Addiction?

Are you wondering if alcohol, shopping, gambling, or substance abuse is a problem for you?

Or perhaps you are struggling to support a loved one with an addiction?

Maybe a child is going through an addiction, and you have your hands in your hair.

Perhaps you or a loved one feels that drugs or alcohol are the only solutions to your problems.

Maybe you have tried stopping your addiction but find yourself constantly starting again.

Addiction Counseling Denver CO 80202

Do you need a treatment plan for addiction or recovery support?

Marriage Counseling in Denver has a licensed addiction counselor that can help.

Addiction is Devastating to All Parts of Your Life

When dealing with addiction, it can become problematic whether it is alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, shopping, overeating, and more. Some addictions can result from a history of trauma, facing school challenges, life events, and more.

You see a lack of motivation to performance at home or work with mood shifts and a loss of interest in things to combative communication. These feelings leave you hurt and lost.

Still, handling the problem sometimes causes more conflict than good as you or the other person gets cross. For an individual dealing with an addiction or dependence problem, it can feel disgraceful to talk about.

The problem is addicted people find it difficult to reach out for help as they feel judged and misunderstood. But there is hope and life from addiction with recovery counseling.

"At university, I felt pressure from getting tasks done and had pressure from my family at home. One day a friend of mine introduce me to cocaine, and I gave it a try. Using the drug made me feel alert and felt I always needed it to cope. I was wrong, and things turned to the worst. Once I got kicked out of university, I realized I needed help. I went to sober up and contacted Marriage Counseling of Denver to help me recover. It has been a long road, but I got my degree and is drug-free."

Jody Wayne (Denver North)

Getting Addiction Counseling For Someone is Challenging

No matter if you know someone from a parent, spouse, or child dealing with addiction and addressing the issue leaves all emotionally charged. You may feel you are not getting anywhere.

You provide all the educational resources to lead them in the right direction, but it still affects the entire family. As a result, the person starts pulling away from you. Or perhaps you do not know how to handle the topic and need help.

Our therapy for addiction and recovery understands and can help support you.

Addiction Can LeaveĀ  Family Members Feeling Alone

Throughout Denver, people struggle with some form of addiction.

Addiction recovery counseling Denver CO 80202

It can be part of family history as there is a history of substance abuse; it can be that friends use an addictive substance or result from traumatic life events.

Still, with all the mental health difficulties in life, it becomes a slippery road people travel when a substance becomes frequent to face struggles in life.

While many people do not see using substances as a life goal, the dependence on them becomes overwhelming, and they cannot manage it on their own.

Sometimes a lack of connection can drive a person to addiction.

Once a person loses connection, they struggle to find meaning in life and can turn to any form of addiction in their walk of life.

Hence, addiction gives the person a feeling of what they need and are looking for.

Every day people face isolation, cultural shifts, to trauma in real life, and once addicted, those feelings become less critical.

Forming a healthy connection with support and values helps reduce substance use and is essential to addiction and recovery.

Let Us Help You Reconnect And Find The Support You Need

The experiences with substance abuse and other addictions can become overwhelming.

But the good news is that our licensed substance abuse counselor can help you through the struggles.

Getting over addictions Denver CO 80202

No matter the substance abuse issues or other addictions, we can help address those mental health struggles for you or the other person to live a healthy life.

We know that circumstances in life can cause a relapse, but with our therapy sessions, we can give meaning to life again.

With therapy in addiction treatment, Marriage Counseling of Denver has individual therapy options personalized to your needs.

We will work together to help identify those struggles faced to lead you or your loved one toward sobriety.

Let's work together to face those challenges in life, teaching you life skills to handle those underlying mental health issues.

Together we will walk the life journey to continue healing and provide help in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

Our licensed therapist does not want to understand your addiction use but instead wants to discover why you turn to it.

Our specialized therapists are ready to help with addiction and recovery counseling in Denver-contact us now!

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