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What is Family Counseling?

You are here for a reason, and you wonder if family counseling might be helpful for you.

Family is very important, and you may have concerns about your family members as you bicker a lot.

Perhaps a family member has a drug or alcohol addiction. Or a teenager is causing difficulties at home to sibling quarrels taking place.

Maybe you are having difficulty connecting with your partner and struggling to communicate.

Family is The Foundation That We Grow From.

Family Counseling Denver CO 80202

When families cannot get on the same page, it results in hurt among family members. Sometimes tension arrise in divorce.

Even with the best intentions trying to make changes can send conflicting messages to a partner or the kids.

You try to avoid conflict or need to cope with a family member with an addiction, and you yell and scream without a resolution.

These are only a few things families can face and struggle with trying to support each other.

We know how overwhelming it can be when you try to make the family collaborate.

“My dad and mom could not agree on anything. The problems started when my brother go into deep trouble with the law. They always seemed to agree to disagree. Things got so bad that our family could not discuss anything. Then I came across Marriage Counseling of Denver and spoke to one of the therapist to get help to get our family as a group together to see them. We finally met with the family therapists to work things out.”

- Jamie Brooks (Denver)

How Can Family Counseling Help?

If you relate to any of the above with your family scheduling an appointment with our family therapists can help:

  • Improve communication between family members.
  • It can help identify an unhealthy relationship pattern and provide ways to heal and re-pattern those negative patterns.
  • It helps loved ones with the support needed if mental or addiction treatments are needed.
  • Family counseling can help family members with life transitions, loss, and grief.
  • Families can work together to heal wounds of current to old conflicts.]
  • Avoiding serious issue like divorce.

What Family Therapy Services Do We Offer?

Family Therapy For The Teen Years

Most family conflict occurs during the teen years and is the most challenging part of parenting.

Family can benefit from therapy Denver CO 80202

Coping with child transition as they progress to adulthood is challenging. You may feel anxious and isolated and not doing enough or a good job.

Maybe you feel you are dealing with a completely different person, which can affect the whole family.

We at Marriage Counseling Denver want to tell you that you are not alone.

Family Therapy For Addiction

When family members struggle with an addiction, you may feel you are fighting the battle alone.

Addiction can tear families apart as secrets are created with unhealthy relationship patterns.

These affect the family relationship system, whether a parent or a child with an addiction problem.

Family counseling allows all to learn about those unhealthy addiction problems and how they can impact all.

Family counseling is a healthy and loving way to support loved ones with an addiction.

We provide family support for young adults, parents, or teens struggling with an addiction.

Family Therapy For Adult Members

Family counseling is not only for families with children or teens. As adults, you might be going through difficult times trying to heal old wounds or improve relationships with loved ones.

No matter what you are going through, family therapy can help identify those patterns harming you and the family. Let us help with practical ways to work through your feelings and learn valuable communication skills to help reunite your family.

Meeting a Family Therapist Denver CO 80202

Family Therapy During Family Transitions

Is your family going through a transition in life? We at Marriage Counseling Denver can help.

Let us help make that life transitions easier. We can help support loved ones in a supportive way. So, prevent family dynamics from changing, creating unhealthy or unhelpful relationships NOW.

We can help family members with support:

  • To look and learn different ways how the transition impacts those family patterns.
  • Family members will learn to hold themselves accountable to work through guilt, shame, and other feelings.
  • Family members will learn to acknowledge what works or does not work and what is helpful.
  • Most importantly, family counseling will teach family members how to support each other and themselves during these difficult times.

Together as a family, you can help with life transitions and provide support when an adult or teen needs to receive substance abuse to mental illness treatment.

Family therapy for life transition helps the family member cope with moving to another country, city, state or if a chronic illness diagnosis arises or a loved one is facing death.

Take the essential step and schedule an appointment with us to keep your family together today.

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